Here is the reason why Norton 360 makes your computer’s performance slow?

Norton 360 gives you the access to manage the security level of your device and information in it. Taking measures against cyber risks is crucial, as those devices are more likely to be the victim of hacker attack when they are not protected with security software. To stand up with all the essential security layers, Norton setup is the one that not only shields your computer and data but also makes the performance faster and increase the potential life of the device. To enable such advanced assets on your device, having an activated Norton setup is essential.

By logging in to your Norton account, you can manage the product’s subscription and extend your Norton protection to PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. However, users have faced their computer’s performance slowing down after installing Norton 360. There are several reasons to encounter this problem.

Users often experience a sudden performance slow down on their computer and it may be connected to the currently installed software or an update to your drivers or operating system. There are several other factors, which can affect your computer’s performance after you install Norton setup 360. You may notice an abrupt or a continuous reduction in your computer performance.

  • Some contradictory software programs that load when the computer is turned on
  • Multiple security programs are installed on a single device
  • Newly installed software updates or drivers are not compatible
  • Third-party browser extensions and plug-ins
  • Disorderly saved files over years
  • A batch of items loading at the startup
  • A virus infection
  • An infected peripheral device is connected

To diagnose the reasons behind your computer or device responding slowly, you first need to make sure, if Norton 360 has scanned your device thoroughly. There could other causes as well that your security setup is making your computer’s response rate poor.

Outdated Norton Setup

Using Norton security setup is a great way to protect your device from various factors such as virus transfer through peripheral devices or internet. Go to and log in to your Norton Account to check your subscription validity. If the validity of your Norton product has expired, make sure to activate and update the software. Active Norton setup will scan your device properly and remove chances of slowing down your computer.

On a Free Trial of Norton Product

In case you are trying a free Norton trial version, you might not be protected from the internet threats and many other risks. Since a free version of Norton setup comes with limited services and set of features, your device will be exposed malware. The recommendation is to activate Norton setup on your system using Norton product key. Moreover, while you try to download and installing the product, make sure that your web browser has an updated version as it helps to eliminate many issues.

Parallel security Software

Generally, users do not pay attention while installing any software on their systems. It is essential to check all the required specifications of software to run properly on a system. Check whether your computer already has any other antivirus installed. Prior to install Norton 360; make sure to uninstall any other security software.

Incomplete installation of Norton Setup

Sometimes when the installation of Norton Setup takes more time than usual, and users get frustrated because of this. Many of the users also end the process before the installation is complete. In such cases, you might encounter errors while installing Norton Setup. It is also possible that your computer will not allow the software to install completely when you attempt again. You may need to take troubleshooting steps to remove the error or you can also opt to connect with Norton Customer support to resolve your problem.

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